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Pdf file formats are frequently using file format. It is reliable file format to exchange documents with a fixed and static layout. In several cases, we want to share some confidential documents with someone, and we may want to hide or password protect specific pages of a pdf, which includes some sensitive information. But pdf viewers and editors do not have the functionality of pdf page lock or pdf page hide feature.

So we need a smart tool to hide or lock specific pages of documents quickly before sharing.I came across an open source pdf securing tool which offers pdf page lock and pdf page hide feature within a few clicks. Pdf Page Lock is an application developed for windows pc, which adds password protection to pdf pages as usual as partial hide functionality to pdf documents.

This tool is handy to hide and secure specific pages of a multiple page document while leaving all other pages publicly available. When a page is locked using this tool, it will display a blank page with a paddle lock icon on a middle of the page in all pdf viewers.

How to Password Protect specific pages of a Pdf Document using Pdf Page Lock?

1.  Download and Install Pdf Page Lock application( link )on your windows pc, and this application works with all version of windows, i.e., Win XP/Win7/Win10

2.  Open the installed application, then open any pdf document, which you want to lock.

3. Then it will list all the pages available in the document, with page nos in the left side panel of the tool. Now select the desired page which you want a lock, and click on Lock button. Now you can see red color paddle lock icon on the top left corner of the page, eventually, it shows page status as locked.
4. After locking the required pages, click on save button, a popup window opens and prompts for a password, enter your password, click on save. It will save and encrypt the pdf document.

pdf page lock
Now you can check and confirm the lock, by opening the document in pdf readers. It will display a blank page with black paddle lock icon in the middle of the page.

pdf page hide
I liked the unique feature of this particular tool, which only locks desired pages, leaving all other pages viewable to the public. And also the same way page hide feature works pretty well. Let me know any other tool which have the same functionality to Password Protect Pdf. And also you can convert the final protected document to ePub ebooks using Google Docs

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