How to Make ePub eBooks Using Google Docs.

Make ePub eBooksAdobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open most popular format for electronic document exchange on the Web. But recently this trend changing and a lot of eBook lovers prefer ePub format instead of PDF due to the responsiveness nature of ePub document. ePub documents are flexible and it will automatically adjust to the user device or screen. While PDF documents are having fixed and static layout,it is an annoying task to read PDF document on small screen devices.
And HTML5 is the backbone of ePUB books. It supports all text size, fonts and layout so it will blend with your device screen and gives enhanced and smoother reading experience.  There are several popular ePub document creator application on the web such as Adobe In Design (Paid), Sigil (open source). And also, you can make ePub eBooks using the open source way by using tools such as  Libre Office,Writer2ePUB Plugin and Calibre.

How to make ePub eBooks Using Google Docs.

It is very easy to make an ePub ebook using Google Docs itself without the need of any special tool or application. Just type your content on Google Document, or also you can upload an existing MS Word File to Google Drive from your computer. Go to File Menu, Click on Download and select download as EPUB publication.

Make Epub Ebook
So now ePUB eBook is ready. Now you have an eBook produced by open source way with open tools and format. Next, you might consider

  • Share ePUB version of documents with your friend.
  • Uploading it to Lulu or Smashwords to publish your eBook. Or you can upload it to Google books Here is a Link and access the ebook anywhere from any ePUB reading device.
  • If you want to use it with Kindle, Convert your ePub to an Amazon-friendly format, like MOBI.

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