How to Hide WordPress Blog and Website From Hackers & Bots

Hide WordPressDay by day WordPress getting more and more popularity in blogging & web development industry. Along with bloggers and web developers, spammers, bots, and hackers are also showing love on WordPress sites. About 20% of WordPress plugins are vulnerable to SQL injection and Brute force attacks. These percentage of vulnerability increasing on these days due to the use of unsafe-nulled themes and plugins which are available free on the internet. So there is a need of WordPress security plugins and fixes which can secure and hide WordPress site. According to me, the best way to secure WordPress site is by hiding the WordPress directory from bots and hackers.

There are several security plugins available in the market, which will prevent the bots and spammers accessing your certain WordPress file and directory but not able to hide it from outside world. So there is a chance of Bruteforce attack and SQL Injection implantation. So these plugins alone can’t provide you good security measures. Only a few plugins are available in markets which are capable of hiding the WordPress from outside world, so that bots, spammers and hackers unable to identify site script and platform. Here are a two WordPress plugins I used it on my other niche blogs and also on client’s site and here is a review of those plugins.

1) Hide my WP -Plugin to Secure &  Hide WordPress

It is highly recommended WordPress plugin with advanced options, to secure WordPress by hiding it from outsiders. I am currently using it on two of my client’s WordPress site, it found very promising.

Hide WordPress
Hide my WP controls unauthorized access to PHP files and eventually it protects yours sites from SQL injection and XSS attacks. And also, if suspicious musing found on your site from any user it will automatically send the notification mail to admin along with registered username, IP, and user referrer details. Using Hide my WP user can change WordPress default E-mail sender. And  it allows the user to remove WordPress Meta information from header so that WordPress trace are not identified by hackers and spammers.

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2) WP Guaven FP -Smart Solution Pack For Hiding WordPress

This is very simple and easy to use the plugin for WordPress beginners. If you compare it with Hide my WP, WP Guaven developed with very special and unique source code and less advanced options.

Secure WordPress
This plugin can completely remove the traces of WordPress within a few clicks, such as wp-content, wp-admin, wp-includes and more. Using this plugin admin can Hide WP, protect wp-admin, and also can hide theme name from source code.  And advanced customization allows admin only access to wp-login and blocks wp-admin access to logged in subscribed users and outside visitors.

Get WP Guaven FP

Best of my knowledge these two are effective plugins to secure and hide WordPress. If you know any other such plugins or drop-ins let me know.

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