How to Create Google Drive File Shortcut on Android Home Screen

In many situations we need to show a digital copy of documents, it may be ID proofs, driving license or passport to certain authority while traveling on a train or booking air tickets. And many of us store the digital copy of necessary documents in a phone. Indeed, we know that digital copy of the paper is present in our phone, but it is difficult to remember the exact location of the document, and it is a hectic task to search the specific file in a large number of records. If you are a Google drive user here is a trick to create a Google drive file shortcut on your Android home screen so that you can quickly access the particular document easily.

How to Create File Shortcuts on Android Phone Home Screen using Google Drive File Shortcut Option

Google Drive is secured cloud storage, to get access to file anywhere. Upload a copy of the often needed document to Google Drive. Then open the file inside the Drive app on your Android phone, and tap “Add to Home Screen” to create a shortcut on android home screen, and also check or turn on available offline option, so that you can access the file anywhere without internet and network.

google drive file shortcut

And if you want multiple files on your phone home screen, create a folder and upload or move the all files into the folder and tap on “add to home screen.” But there is no option to make entire folder offline. You have to check “available offline” for individual files.

And also note that you cant do “add to home screen” to file which present inside docs, sheets and slides category folder. You can only create a shortcut on inside the drive alone.

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