How to get Google IT Support Certification Online | Google Certification

Recently Google launched Google IT Support Certification Programme. Which is a part of Grow with Google initiative, offers free training and tool to promote new skill oriented careers and business. Even more, Google IT Support Certification is the first online Google certification course to motivate and prepare the people for further challenging IT-oriented roles.

In recent years Google and many other companies are not able to fill their IT support vacancy, due to the shortage of qualified IT support staff. Therefore a few years back Google started work with an NGO to develop sustainable, skilled IT certification course. As a result, Google decided to launch IT training with a best online training provider Coursera.

Google IT Support Certification Online | Google Certification

Google IT Support Professional training is available on Coursera.  Coursera offers 8-12 month, six-course certificate with entire innovative, dynamic curriculum.  The course is which usually costs $49/month. This course makes the people from learner beginner to entry-level IT Support Tech.

As a result, Google IT Support Professional Certificate adds the boost to job opportunities. As a result, upon completion of the course, job aspirant can share their certificate with well-known employers such as Google, Infosys, GE Digital, TEK systems, etc.

Google IT Support Certification Course Syllabi

The Google certification course team of Coursera will be going to train the people. The course includes video lectures, hand on labs and widgets in the field of troubleshooting and customer service, system administration, networking, operating system, and IT security.

Chapter 1: Technical Support Fundamentals.

Chapter 2: The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking.

Chapter 3: Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User.

Chapter 4: System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services.

Chapter 5: IT Automation: It’s not that scary.

Chapter 6: IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts.

If you spend 10-12 hours a week to the courses, you can complete the certificate in 6 months. Furthermore, if you want to speed up the course completion time, you can skip the already known course contents.

Source: Google Blog 

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