5 Best Android Password Managers for your Phone in 2018

In today’s digital life it is a very frustrating task to remember all sites login details, passwords, credit card details at all time.  And many of us storing passwords in their smartphones by taking a snapshot of the password, or by saving it in text format. And many users still using the diary to writing down the password. These all are most insecure ways to store the password, and it is challenging to hide it from prying eyes. If you are using a smartphone this task can easily handle by android password managers.

How to store the password on your smartphone using Secure Android Password Managers.

Here is a list of the best android password manager apps present in the market, which encrypts and then stores the all the password and other sensitive information.  So only you need to remember one secure master password to access your complete individual passwords and other data.

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager is a product of Kaspersky Lab, it is most trusted and secured password manager. It safeguards your password, credit card information’s, address details and also private photos.

Kaspersky Password Manager stores all your sensitive data in an encrypted vault. And it provides you single password access to all your data. If you are using a mobile which is having fingerprint recognition, you can enable fingerprint recognition to unlock your password vault. Even more, it provides synchronization of your all data across the devices which you use; it may be your PC, Mac, and phone. Finally, it also includes web access to your password vault via Kaspersky portal, so that you use your password when your phone is not with you.

LastPass Password Manager

android password managers

This app is also one of the best android password manager app which safeguards your personal information in a secure vault with AES 256-bit encryption.  I loved the LastPass password auto-fill feature. Autofill feature securely collects your login form data such as login information’s, credit card details categorize it like social, Shopping and saves individual records in a secured vault. These records will auto-populated when you access specific online account. LastPass provides both online and offline secure vault data. In addition to this LastPass comprises password audit feature it will test the password strength, generates a new password to replace weak logins.

Dashlane Free Password Manager

The best part of Dashlane it is one of the best android password managers available for free. It also offers a premium feature for some buck. But the free version of Dashlane comprises most of the features available in Android Password Manager. Dashlane uses AES-256 encryption to secure vault. It saves, organizes, generates a secure and unique password for your online accounts.

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Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager product of Keeper Security, Inc. This app provides a new concept of easy to use autofill, termed as KeeperFill. It automatically fills password and also automatically saves new password as you type in the password box.  And also provides password sharing feature, keeper user can share password or files to another, and the end to end encryption secures transfer.

Password Safe and Manager

Password Safe doesn’t use the internet, and it is offline Password Safe and manager. Which offers customizable user interface, categorizes password, generates a secure password, local auto backup is also available.

android password managers

Conclusion: If you need an android password manager which comprises advanced features and ready to invest some buck you can go for Kaspersky Password Manager or LastPass Password Manager. Nevertheless, choose anyone from the other three android password managers.

Let me know if you know any promising android password managers which comprises the best user interface and security.

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