How to Add Facebook Like Reactions to WordPress Posts

Add Facebook Like Reactions COVER2Facebook like Reactions is a quickest possible way to provide feedback to articles. Many of the WordPress users may want to Add Facebook Like Reactions feature to their WordPress blog post.  So here is a quick tutorial to show – How to Add Facebook Like Reactions on WordPress Blog Posts.

What is Facebook Like Reactions?

This is the new feature recently rolled out by Facebook. By Using this feature users can express their reactions on facebook timeline posts along with Like on the post. WordPress is officially not integrated or announced any such kind of features, but still you can add this feature using WordPress Plugin DW Reactions.

How to add the Facebook Like Reactions functionality?

STEP 1: At first you have to install DW Reactions Plugin through Dashboard. As shown in the screenshot.
STEP 2: Activate the Plugin. After Activation Go to Settings “Reactions» You will see the Plugin Settings, so now you can customise the settings.

Add Facebook Like ReactionsIn settings, you can Change>>
-Where to Show the reactions button- above the post or below content.
-Where you want to show the Reactions- You can show or hide it on Home Page, Archive Page, Blog Posts, and Blog Pages by using respective options.

Add Facebook Like Reactions 2
And also you can show or hide reactions buttons, you can enable counting of reactions. And also, you can customize who can post the reactions whether it is open to all users or it is available for registered user only.

Any Other Plugins Available to Add Facebook Like Reactions?

Yes. Vicomi Feelback Reactions is another Plugin which is also helpful to Add Facebook Reactions on a WordPress blog post.  If you compare it with DW Reactions it comprises advanced features such as more language support, you can customize text,look and feel of the emotion reactions, and Facebook share functionality.  After downloading and Activating the Plugin you have to login or register by creating an account on Vicomi  website to get more features. I also tried this plugin, but certain modules are not working as expected, such as status, plugin layouts, I think it still needs some work to be perfect.

However, both plugins are works good on showing Facebook like reactions on WordPress Blog Posts.

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